How can I add a new language translation file to ERP Next?

I want to translate ERP Next into the Azerbaijani language to contribute to ERP Next community. But I want to translate my local system before. I will planning send PR after completing all translation issues.

I followed the listed steps:

  1. I added the required information to frappe\geo\languages.json
  "code": "az",
  "name": "Azərbaycan dili"
  1. I created a new file named az.csv on apps/frappe/frappe/translation folder/ based on tr.csv

But the new language is not shown on the languages module.

What did I do wrong?

I know @rmehta is very knowable and he is my final hope to solve this problem.


bench migrate

Hope this helps.


Thank you! Exactly worked…

P.S. I used this formation: bench --site erpnext migrate

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