How Can i add app_include_js for Single DocType?

I want to add a Google Map API for a Doctype. I add this in But it’s conflict with other’s JS files. Now i want to add this in a single DocType. Is there any way to add a js file for single DocType.

What is the conflict?

For single doctype, in the .js file you can add

Put your file in the public folder

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Hello Mehta Sir,

Thanks for your replay. I am adding frappe.require(“/assets/js/google.api.js”); in js file…

But still not working. After refresh doctype page nothing display just loading…

if i add this in erpnext/ google map working but other’s doctype are display empty.

Is there any way to add the google map api in frappe framework.

Share you repo. Really hard to say what you are doing right / wrong.

Hello Sir,

It’s working now. I was working in wrong way. It’s Done now… :smile: