How can i add different divisions to a company

I want to add different divisions to one company.These divisions have different product details and also human resource need to be added for each division.
I need reports for each division and also for company as a whole. Is it possible to do this ?
Please tell me how can I do this?

Go to Setup >> Human resource >> Departments

By default, you will have all your divisions over there, incase your uniqueness doesn’t match in list. You can add as many you want.

You have multiple reports on human resource. Manuals will help you setting up ERPNext perfectly Frappe Cloud


Thank you for your reply.
But what I need is to entirely different products to each division of company like one producing curry powder and other cosmetics.Also I need to add different custom field for each division products.Is it possible ?

Do you mean - a division of your company “producing” product A & other division "Product B?
Yes, you can manage manufacturing/sales process of multiple products within a company handled by multiple team.

Yes, you can add custom field for each division products i.e. ITEMS.


Thanks a lot . So in manufacture menu I can add this I guess.Let me try.

I cant understand where I can do this.
I will explain once more . I am having two companies each of which is having further subdivisions like curry powder, cosmetics.
For category of curry powder in the item add I need a field like uses , taste ingredients etc which I don’t need in cosmetics. Is it possible to do this??
Please can you explain the procedure or flow of doing this.

Please help me.

Yes, you can add custom fields for your items.

Setup > Customize > Custom Field > New Custom Field

More details you may find here Frappe Cloud


i think he want to add the custom fields based on the company’s subdivision
i don’t think it is possible

But from here I can add custom field which is common for both curry powder and cosmetics right. I need separate custom fields for each products.

That is when I select product type: pharmaceutical some field should appear like taste.
when I select cosmetics some other custom fields like usage must come in place of taste.

Can I do this??

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Please help me with this

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