How can i add employee leave in bulk manner?

I want to add leaves (LOP) in bulk manner for one month for every employee. I am able to upload whole month’s attendance(present/absent) by import option but leave i am not able to.

In-case update leaves through import option, i came to know that those leaves should be approved first. Then only it will work while importing.

So i need to write / edit code to add leaves while importing without approval.

As i am new for exploring the backend code structure of erpnext and frappe, Anyone can help me on this that which doctype and which file i have to edit for this ?

Any kind of helps is much appreciated

Hi all,

I’m facing the similar issue. How can we submit a bulk leave application ?
The scenario could be like HR Officer want to grant one day leave deduction for all their employee.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

I think you can do this by create a new doctype like based on employee attendance and modify some parameters.

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It’s now almost 2023 - can this be done? I can’t seem to find it.

We are evaluating ERPnext and if this feature is missing it makes me really nervous. We have 30 employees so to add 4 different types of leave each is going to take a while. This is the easy sort of task that software is supposed to make a breeze. I just can’t imagine larger organisations being willing to do this task manually… which makes me wonder how many larger organisations are actually using this software. I really want to embrace ERPNext…