How can I adjust or re-design "Items Table" in Quotation - Selling Module?


Are there anyone know how to adjust, for example changing border’s color, or re-design “Items Table” in Quotation - Selling Module? and is it possible to change “SR” to “#” or “No.”?

Thank you in advance.


hi, the simple answer to that is YES you can :slight_smile:.

go to the report you want to change click on personalize and edit propertys and paste this code in css for example:

.print-format th {
    background-color: #bb2828 !important;
    border-bottom: 0px !important;

Go to translation list and create a new one with Sr as origin and # as Translated text. Reload the browser and clear the cache.


Thank you so much for the solutions. One more question, if I’d like to set default to the Desk’s background image to all users, how can I do that?


well for that im not sure, you will have to do it manually for each user for now.

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I just got an idea using “Bulk Update” in Setup for DocType “User” → background_image, and then insert an image path to Value box. It works perfectly.

Thanks for your suggestions. :smiley:

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Thank you
this is the right solution