How can I block discount to one of the item group

Hi there,

I want to block discount to one of the item group as this group not non-discount item. I did try to apply pricing rule only reach certain qty is applicable discount
however when creating quotation/sales order, i add % discount into "additional discount’ , that group will automatically discount.

How can I block the discount to that item group. Thanks

Not in the Item Group, but in the Item master, you can define Max Discount which can be applied on that Item. In the Item master, check Sales Details section for the Max Discount field.

how can i put max discount field when i do not want item to apply any discount.

enter value like .01. It’s just a work-around suggested to address your problem. You can use Bulk Update Tool to update value in all the Items of a specific Item Group at once.

it doesn’t work. when in the quotation/sales order, when i put in additional discount 10% , the non discount item still disc 10% in the final total.

anyone can help on thse issue?

i just tried this by putting .01 in the max discount field and it doesnt work our service items should not have a discount applied???