How can I build and publish project to ubuntu server

how to deploy erpnext on ubuntu for production? I have installed in my system and run the project with bench start command, But I want to know how can I build and publish project to ubuntu server.

@megha007 just install the app on ubuntu server the same way you did on your local machine .

okay. but my query is if I run bench start command, then it will run the website. but I want to keep my website running without bench start command, because if I stop this command my website don’t get any response. Hope I described my point well.

@megha007 on a server when you do bench start for the first time and close the terminal , it will keep running . even when you modify the code it will detect the changes while running .
if you have another computer you can use it as a local server and run erpnext on it . nothing will make you gets better than experience.
you can also buy a small server to test .

Okay. I have try this and it is working. But I have another question regarding bench start command. I have run the command and closed the terminal, but when I am running this command again in terminal it creating issue “bind: Address already in use”. Please guide me how can I deal with it. Should I stop this running website or do another thing to work porperly.

@megha007 beside the command bench start and bench restart you may think there is a command bench stop , but there is not :slight_smile: . you have to manually kill the process running the bench . or wait till restart your computer .

okay Thank you… your answers helped me a lot… Thank you so much

The information you have gotten here is incorrect. The bench setup command is used for a development set up, but for production you should use supervisorctl and an nginx reverse proxy.

Thank you for the reply. But please can you tell me sudo bench setup production user_name command will work. as I have run this command is shows syntax is OK and test successful, how will get the output on browser window?

Typically, you would access the site with a domain name, but you should be able to access it via IP address too. Look at the nginx logs at /var/log/nginx/* for details if it’s not working.

okay…Thank you…