How can I change auto created remarks in Payment Entry


After creating payment entries automated remarks are created. That looks like this

How can I modify the text this?

No response yet. Iā€™m sure someone definitely discussed this in the past!

@fnrfarid When you create a payment, if you leave the field under More Information blank, the remarks will be automatically created. You have 2 options to overcome this:

  1. When creating the entry, expand more information and enter your desired text. This will be the text that will apprear when the document is submitted.
  2. If you did not follow step 1 above, after you save, the remark will be auto-generated, but before you submit, you can modify the remark to suite your needs and then save and submit.

These are your options.

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Thank You!

I understood that earlier; specially having my own remarks. Nevertheless, I was hoping to change the text in the automated text.

Thank you again for you help.

Hi the same problem here the dates are auto generated in remarks in the format yyyy-mm-dd format
how to change it.