How can I change default POS print format in v9.1.0?


Is it me or we can no longer select another print format than the default one for POS? And… since we can’t modify the default POS print format, I’m stuck with the default one only… The default POS print format that is set in the POS profile is not the one being used.




I can confirm that changing the POS print format in the POS profile does work, at least on my install.

You can try the following -

  1. Run bench migrate
  2. Change the POS print format in the POS profile

Hope this works for you.

Hi @bardbq

Thanks for reporting an issue
We’ve identified and fixed the issue and soon we’ll release it.
For online mode, added new field to select print format in the POS Profile.

Wonderful! You’re right, I am using Online Mode only.