How can I change the currency for all accounts?

How can I change currency for the chart and all reports?

I had chosed ZWD on initial setup because I couldn’t create a new currency, now I’ve created a new one: ZWL, which I have set on all accounts.

So far I have managed to change the currencies per account using the Bulk Update solution mentioned in this discussion:

But my Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet etc still show old currency, even the columns on the General Ledger and other reports hasnt changed. How can I make this currency change apply everywhere?


Not a solution to your current problem but I added ZWL for use in future installations:

Did you try to reload your browser window? Command + Shift + R on Mac, Strg + Shift + R on Windows / Linux.

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Thanks for the solution for future installs. I managed to change the currency but the process wasn’t pretty. Good to know this wont be an issue in the future.

I don’t know if the maintainers would consider making it possible to add a currency on installation page, that would be much better. Currencies in Zimbabwe change a lot.

How did you do it?

Haha, yes, the wikipedia article said the same. You’d need a “Change Currency” button that you can click every couple of years. :laughing: