How can I connect ZKteco biometric device with erpnext

How an I connect ZKteco biometric device with erpnext?

I find this website, but its not suitable with me.

If there is any other solution or anyone try it before?

also share the exact model number of your device.

We have many branches.
We use the following Devices UA300, F18, F22, MB20, MB10, MB1000

A)Is it possible for you to share the reason for not using camsunit.

B)You can try if your Zkteco device supports integration via web api from this link ?

Hi, can you please share what does “not suitable with me” mean? are you not able to get your device verified with or something else?

CamsUnit (ErpNext Integration - ErpNext Integration with Live Biometric Attendance System (from Ver.11.0.3) | Cams Biometrics) supports integrating the most of the zk devices, as most of the devices can be verified at

Please clarify what exactly CamsApi doesnt help you. Its API documentation is Biometric Web API for Time and Attendance System | BioAPI | Cams Biometrics

please checkout the recently added documentation article for the same: Integrating ERPNext With Biometric Attendance Devices

You can use this biometric-attendance-sync-tool for ERPNext automatic attendance.

What does this tool do?

  1. Runs on a device in your LAN and syncs data collected from your Biometric Device logs to your ERPNext instance.
  2. This project currently only supports ZKTeco or similar devices (that support ZK protocol).