How can i copy my customized doctype in to another system

I want to copy my customized Doctype in to another system as it is…!
Like i have to add some field in ERPNEXT (Buying-Purchase Order) in my system…Now i want to use it another system

the doctype settings must be somewhere in the apps folder for ERPNext in the frappe-bench folder. Check there under doctype?

Export custom fields and property setter as csv’s.

Import the same in new system

Use data import tool for the same

Sorry But can you please tell me the steps…I am a beginner in ERPNEXT

Just Copy the apps and paste into another sysytem…Open the terminal goto directory like cd frappe-bench/apps/frappe
and then run ths command $sudo python develop


Thanx for your reply mohamed_sajid…i’ll try it

Thanx every one i have done it…! and i more think i want to know…i have costumed my own Purchase Order Print Format all think i have done, now i want to print Material Request Number in this print format can any one tell me how it is…like code…

You will have to find query it in your format. you can use

(check the fieldnames)

{[ frappe.db.get_value("Material Request", doc.items[0].material_request) }}

Thanx for your valuable reply sir…i’ll check it