how can i create a docker-compose to start

i need to create a complete docker-compose
just to give docker-compose up -d on my server and have access to modules on port 8080 for example

Here’s a good place to start:

More examples and info are linked to under the production header:

I tried to connect, but I couldn’t add the health module when the erp runs with docker

That’s because in v14, Healthcare was spun off into its own app, so it’s no longer part of ERPNext proper. You would run into this in a traditional install as well, having to get the app and install it into your site. So you can follow the instructions following the “Custom App” link in those production options I linked to for the docker way of doing this.

Or, if you want to run v13, you can modify your docker-compose.yml for v.13 and just check a box to turn on that domain.

that was the problem, can you provide me with a docker-compose where I can connect this health module alone with docker-compose and that’s what I need

Using version 13, you would just go through the same process of creating your docker-compose.yml according to the instructions. Then before starting it with docker compose up -d, modify the image fields for each service from the version 14 release listed to the version 13 release you want in docker-compose.yml.

EDIT: It’s much easier to change “ERPNEXT_VERSION=” in your env file first, then you don’t have to change it in multiple places in your docker-compose.yml.

If version 14, you have to build custom image to have healthcare.

for custom app / hr app you’ll need custom image

For custom app, fork GitHub - castlecraft/custom_containers. This is by far the easiest way i know to build custom image

change apps.json and include your app.

Change the build.env to your need at least the PROJECT_NAMESPACE

version.txt optional

Finally commit and watch for actions to complete.

Can you help me by sending me a generic docker-compose ready with erpnext 13 and the health module activated

so I can just change the database password and then use docker-compose up -d and have the system online locally?

my native language is not english and i’m having trouble connecting this system

You are thinking more in terms of how virtual machine templates work and are distributed, not docker terms. There is no generic docker-compose file, you generate it yourself depending on which services and options you need, see this document: frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

If you are having trouble with the instructions in the link above, you may want to check this post out instead, where it links to a generic VM and instructions to have a working ERPNext site in just a few steps: Unofficial frappe & ERPNext Virtual Machine for v11 to v14