Unofficial frappe & ERPNext Virtual Machine for v11 to v14

Since the official virtual machine has been removed because the team now favour containers and docker, and I’ve had several people struggling to install on their laptop, I have put together a minimal general purpose Virtual Machine.

Disclaimer: this is a minimal install and the security settings are not suitable for production. It comes as-is without warranty or support. Use at your own risk.

The machine is suitable for anyone wanting to develop, use or test frappe or ERPNext on a local computer quickly. I’ve probably saved you at least a day of work. There is no spyware or malware installed. Let me know if you have any issues.

There is a guide on my website here on how to set up any version from 11 to 14 (current).

Hope that helps!


i tried this but i could not get the network to connect to the internet.

Could you be more specific? What were you trying to do?

Using VirtualBox7 with Bridge-adaptor already set. i get this error when running sudo apt-get update.



I’m getting the same issue. I’m on Manjaro host and VirtualBox 7.0.12. I’ve tried NAT and Bridged mode and neither gives me a network connection.

In the client if I do ip addr I see 2 of which the first is the loopback and the second is enp0s3 and shows it’s state is down.

There is no ping application installed however attempting to update the packages gives the same result as the last user.

nmcli isn’t a recognised command. sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager isn’t a recognised service. ifdown or ifup isn’t recognised. Are networking packages definitely installed in this VM?

I could not get NAT to work. I finally got bridge to work by bringing it up manually in the client. After setting the network adapter to bridged mode. I then found the link name by doing:

ip a

That showed the loopback at 1 and enp0s3 at 2 therefore the one to use has to be enp0s3.

I then manually brought up that network link which did not pull and ip address through therefore I had to also had to get it to fetch an IP address.

sudo ip link set enp0s3 up
sudo dhclient enp0s3

Just in case anyone else is having difficulties getting this going when NAT just seems to refuse to want to work and therefore bridged mode is the obvious alternative.

Will there be a version coming out for ERPNext 15?