How can I create a single BOM for a product accommodating multiple combinations

  1. What common components or operations are shared between the BOMs for product C (A+B and D+E)?
  2. How can I create a single BOM for product C in Frappe ERPNext while accommodating multiple combinations such as A+B and D+E?
  3. For components or operations specific to certain combinations (e.g., A or B for A+B), how should I handle them in ERPNext?
  4. How do I set conditional components and operations in the BOM for product C to handle specific combinations in Frappe ERPNext?
  5. When creating a work order for manufacturing product C, how do I adjust quantities of conditional components or durations of conditional operations based on the specific combination being produced?
  6. What steps should I follow to confirm a work order in Frappe ERPNext after adjusting quantities/durations for specific combinations?