How can I create Custom Document Type

Hi. When I create new DocType I found that I have to select one of the Document Type. There are 4 types listed by default (Document, Setup,System and other). Why should I select any of these. If these are for the menu then how can I create custom document Type, for ex: Contract. Thank you

Do you need to list your DocType under custom section?

For that configure it in config/ e.g.

Hi @revant_one thank you for your quick response. I have created one new application and I am trying to add new DocType under that module. I can add DocType , everything is working fine. But I can’t able to find [quote=“revant_one, post:2, topic:14266”]

There is no (module_name will replace with my module name, I know that :slight_smile:) file

module_name is your module’s name. eg.
ERPNext’s buying
Custom App

@revant_one My module name is “Installation”, and there is no file called “” , do I need to create a new one? If so, where should I create the file??

yes you have to create a new file.

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It works…!!! :grin:

Thank you :innocent:

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