How can I create pick list without item stock?

Our business is bit different. In our case we have Item in our erp system without stock (0 item in stock). Then for customer request we create sales order and purchase stock (which add stock = 1).

Other hand, when sales order is confirmed we want to create PickList from background using following action:

create_pick_list() {
			method: "erpnext.selling.doctype.sales_order.sales_order.create_pick_list",
			frm: this.frm

We are able to create PickList in Draft mode. But, problem is, in pick list there is no Item showing. The reason is we don’t have stock for this particular Item.

How can I manage this situation? Any idea?

What’s the reason to create a pick list here?

A pick list can’t be created with 0 stock because the whole point is to reserve items/pick items for delivery.

This is a problem if you have a fraction of a unit of measure less than 1. We manufacture based on LBS and in some cases we will need to pick .5 or .23 pounds of an item to mix. Right now the pick list will show insufficient stock if it less than one.