How can i create Return/Credit Note using rest api without sales invoice reference

When we want to return the Sales Invoice, its mandatory to fetch the old invoice in current system. So is it possible that without fetching the sales invoice we can return any items?

I want to return the item directly without sales invoice

Usecase: sales invoice with Items A(5 qty), B(3 qty), C(2 qty) for customer Abc

In next sales invoice, Items A(3 qty), B(2 qty), C(1 qty) it also for customer Abc

But the customer want to return the Item A(2 qty) of past sales invoice in this invoice without fetching the details of last invoice and all the amount will be adjusted accordingly

how can i manage that using rest api.

If anyone know anything, please guide me on it

I also facing this problem. Does anyone have an idea?

So you want to return the items in the new sales invoice of the old sales invoice right?

yes, but i have not previous sales invoice name i have only item name and this item used in multiple sales invoice.

any update on this, because I also want to do the same