How can I create server script in ERPNext Cloud?

Hello Team,

I’m trying to extend some functionality in ERPNext, however, we are using the Cloud version. Is possible to create server scripts in using ERPNext Cloud? If so, please, I would like to know how, since the the article seems to apply only for on-premises.

Thanks in advance.

You can do it using Custom Script DocType

You’re right, but only works for Client Side, not Server Side.

I think that if you are in the last version you ave access to Server Script, where you can do that.

I do. I’m working with Version 12, but remember that if I’m using ERPNext Cloud I don’t have access directly to the file system. So I’m not able to upload a .py file and execute it.

Server Script is a doctype where you can add your python code.

With ERPNext Cloud, I believe creating server side scripts is not possible. Will require Frappe’s intervention so best to ask them