How can i customize the Module in Library Management System

can anyone help me for this question

What do you want to customize?
Have you created the app from scratch?

yes, i have created app, but when i am creating the doctype that time not showing the module library management

May be into library_management/config/
you shoud put something like
# Library Management
“module_name”: “Library Management”,
“category”: “Modules”,
“label”: _(“Library Management”),
“color”: “#589494”,
“reverse”: 1,
“icon”: “octicon octicon-book”,
“type”: “module”,
“description”: “Library management, sample tutorial module”

I’ve rewrite the library module with updated feature and new stuff from v12 Big update from following tutorial with frappe v12 and more feature by FHenry · Pull Request #7 · frappe/library_management · GitHub

Thank You, i got the solution

Then it is good usage to mark this post as solved and explain your solution. It can help other later on.

I logged in from administrator and create the Library Management module by using module def…

Also active the developer mode for customization…