How can i customize this code inside file in order to make it show credit and debit in two columns instead of one column showing amount

for d in entries:
row = self.append(‘payment_entries’, {})
amount = d.debit if d.debit else
d.amount = fmt_money(amount, 2, d.account_currency) + " " + (_(“Dr”) if d.debit else _(“Cr”))
self.total_amount += flt(amount)

I have done a lot of customization work on this reconciliation. I eventually rebuilt it with a frappe-datatable implementation and then I got the feedback from the customer that I had kind of missed the boat on what they were asking for and it was not just “prettier” it was also “less complicated”.
It’s not the code in there that is your problem, you need to add a column inside your child table for it.

i added column so its not problem, can you send me your code for retrieving debit and credit in their own column instead of getting them in one column -Amount