How can I delete testing data

I’m try to delete the items, but the message show me:
Delete permanently? Yes
Cannot delete or cancel because Item AC01 is linked with Supplier Quotation SQTN-00006
Then, I go to supplier quotation to delete SQTN-0006|
Delete permanently? Yes
Supplier Quotation SQTN-00006: Submitted Record cannot be deleted.

How can I delete the item(s), this is testing data, but I would like to input the real data, of course, i donn’t wanna to reset at all.

Press Cancel

To delete testing data

Edit: fixed link

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I am thinking of taking a database backup of the fresh install. And then restore it in future, in order to delete all the testing data.
Should it work?

Whats this point? You can always create a fresh install ??

I’ve a multitenant environment. Doing a fresh install would mean that I’d have to a lot more stuff.
I mean, if there was some way to just remove one site from frappe, then I could easily remove it and setup a new site :smile:

Also, I am not so good with databases, should restoring database with a backup of fresh one do the job for me? I guess yes?

bench --site {sitename} --force reinstall will install a fresh db for a site


@ItsRaichura difference between a fresh install and database reset is not too significant, you can test and check.

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Would this not also delete information such as accounts, doctypes, and installed applications. We simply want to delete all of our sales orders, invoices, financial transactions, and account balences with out wiping out the taxes we imported, and the doctypes we created and changed.
From what we see here
We would loose our chart of accounts, and where houses.
we simply want to erase the transactions not the actual where houses, the items we entered in or the chart of accounts.

Take your trial balances as of that date - actual as against what’s on ERPNext, make correction entries and you are good to go.

When running reports, ignore all transactions prior to your go-live date.

Anything else is an overkill, according to me.

Trust this helps.



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Dear Done, the issue tht you can not delete subbmited transactions by marke them and then delete, you have to go for each transaction and delete it fron inside in up left side
then you can go for setting and delete all transactions by one click

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I am trying to fully use ERPNext for our operations from next financial year which start on April 1st. There are lot of test/rubbish data and want to delete all data except the data in “SALES” module which contain QUOTATIONS since 2014. Therefor I am afraid to use “Delete Company Transaction Button”.
I have about 1200 ITEMS fed into ERPNext, but prefer to enter those fresh as I have violated numbering convention heavily. Here I hope to download existing Item.csv sheet and upload after editing it to the cleaned-up ERPNext.
Can you please advise me whether it is practical or there is a better way?

does “Delete Company Transactions” will help me to clear all my data of that company??

yes it will