Reset ERPNext free account data (all data!)


The last year I signup on ERPNext, fool around, did some testing… concluded that I will need some help or a lot of work in order to be able to use ERPNext in my little company.

Later, tried to reset all the configuration I made but failed every time. According to this two posts [one, two] my only chance is to create a new user and start from scratch, but didn’t want to lose my account name… my fault :frowning: and just realize there’s no free account option anymore :open_mouth:.

Also tried to delete transactions and the companies I created (this), but also fails:

When deleting transactions, throws:

Could not find Default Bank Account: Santander - LAT, Default Cash Account: Efectivo - LAT, Default Receivable Account: DEUDORES VARIOS - LAT, Round Off Account: REDONDEOS - LAT, Default Payable Account: Acreedores - LAT, Default Cost of Goods Sold Account: Costo sobre ventas - LAT, Default Income Account: Ventas - LAT, Round Off Cost Center: Principal - LAT, Default Cost Center: Principal - LAT, Default Inventory Account: Productos terminados - LAT, Stock Adjustment Account: Ajuste de existencias - LAT, Stock Received But Not Billed: Inventario entrante no facturado - LAT, Expenses Included In Valuation: GASTOS DE VALORACIÓN - LAT, Accumulated Depreciation Account: Depreciación acumulada - LAT, Depreciation Expense Account: DEPRECIACIONES - LAT, Asset Depreciation Cost Center: Principal - LAT

And, obviously, when I try to delete the company, throws:

Cannot delete or cancel because Company LAT360 is linked with Purchase Taxes and Charges Template IVA - LAT

By the way, this is my account:

Also tried (and failed) to run ERPNext on my own server: here.

Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance,
Cheers from Chile

Anyone :zipper_mouth_face: :disappointed_relieved: ?

Send a mail at and we will reset your account.

OK, I will.

Thanks a lot!