How to reset erpnext to factory settings

i am testing the free 1 user account, but I want to delete all my changes, how can i go to the original state?

nabinhait4h replied:
To delete all the transactions from any account, please check this link:

but when I delete the company I can still see the website I had customised.

How can I get a fresh instance of erpnext? (reset to factory settings)

They only way to hard reset everything is by reinstalling the site itself.

try bench --site site_name reinstall

If you are on our Hosted cloud you will not be able to do so.


@pee the best solution is to sign up for a new account!

ok tx guys!

we are using erpnext cloud service
i want site reinstall with update to version latest 14
how i can done ?

  1. Log in your frappecloud dashboard
  2. Go to sites > Database > Reset:

After reset, all data within the instance would be cleared. On login, you will need to setup from scratch.

EDIT: this will delete clear all the data.

If the same is important to you, take a backup. If your goal is to update, you can do that as well and doesn’t require reinstalling the instance.

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currently i have my erpnext domain like this
so please confirm every erpnext hosted have frapcloud account ?

bcz i don’t have no frappe cloud user name and password
so how can i solve this thing.

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Contact Frappe’s support for help on this.

If you’ve signed up very recently you should be able to log into Frappe Cloud with the same credentials that you used for signing up to

Done Bro
Thanks your support