How can i export a particular sales invoice to excel and word not to pdf

I want to download a particular sales invoice not pdf but to excel?

how can i do it?

While staying in print preview you can copy the whole item table and paste in excel

hi @ushashmi,
is there any other solution?

You can download with data under Data import but it will download all the invoices

@rmehta I would be willing to develop this feature, if you could just inform me in which file do I have to go to add this feature. There are many packages that can help download a record by excel.

Hi, you could try using Data Export tool with filters to get particular invoices as per condition. For example, in the below GIF, I have exported those invoices that have “Grand Total” equal to INR 30,000

That could be a solution, but exporting an individual document is actually quite common especially when the customer or supplier work on different systems and they may ask you for excel versions of Invoices, Packing Lists so that it’s easier to import into their own.

The way you showed works but on the print view where I can generate a PDF, there are many components already available can allow a,pdf be converted into excel. So it would add a lot of extra value without much work.