How can I export translation, to contribute?


The pt-br translation of frappe it’s appear out of date… how can I export all missing translation and share with another frappe user?


visit to contribute

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Ok, I visited, and translated some strings… but, after make a download using bench, the translation doesn’t come…
I need to translate some string fast, to publish for my customer…


Any news!?

I need to translate some string, and I can’t… because these new version change the language file… and he file exported using the command line, has different type of the language file used in frappe.

@fellipeh for consistency, always update translations at

Ok, but here is the problem…

I translate some string in … but when I update my frappe, this translate doesn’t come…

My question is: how can I translate my frappe, because doesn’t make any effects in my repo.


@fellipeh we update frappe once in 2 weeks or so. We will update with the next release. Either ways we will try and be more regular.

You can notify us if changes are not updated :smile: