How can I fix the row data in the table of Doctype is not displayed after I click the save button

By topic, I try to display the table data in Doctype by selecting the link document the data in table is correct but when I click save button the data is gone and show no data,I don’t know it’s because code or Doctype setting, any solution?

I tested in the latest version 15 so everything is working fine. No problems were encountered in the latest version 15.

if any client script or server script applied then remove it and check it.

Thank you for your reply, This is in Purchase Invoice Doctype, Have you checked the Apply Tax Withholding Amount checkbox before save? the data in the table will not display when this checkbox has been checked, I try to find the solution but still not found

Tax Withholding Amount will apply automatically according to the Tax Withholding Rates condition.