How can I have 2 UOM for the same Item in the same transaction

I want to have 2 UOMs for the same Item. For example 1 Carton of “Product A” has 20 Nos of “Product A”. So while printing an Invoice I want to mention both the UOMs in each line Item. Also, just so you know, the conversion factors will be fixed for a particular product (i.e. 1 Carton of Product A will always have 20 Nos, that will not change). We deliver 1000’s of cartons in a shipment and we make invoices as per the base UOM i.e. Nos. For the recipient, it would not be possible to count all individual items as per base UOM, so we mention the alternate Unit Carton. Right now I am editing the PDFs manually as I have not found any solution to this.


If you look in the Item master , there’s a default UOM in the Details tab, then other UOM’s are added in the Inventory tab. In the Sales tab , there is a Default Sales Unit of Measure. I think you can customize your Sales Invoice print format to add the Qty as per Stock UOM as a column in the Item table. I haven’t tried it but have a look.

That doesn’t work, because my stock UOM is also Nos, as I am a manufacturer and I all of my purchase and manufacruring cycle is set as per the base UOM (Nos) It just that for the customer ease an extra UOM is to be printed on Delivery Notes / Invoices. If you have any other ideas or workarounds please share