How can i have offline POS customer creation format on ONline mode in v9

How can i have offline type customer creation on POS online with phone and email fields…

There is need to create a customer with phone number on the Go in POS .

Is there a way to set this up?


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Thanks for pointing this out, I missed this in my tests of v9.

I second this request please


Any updates on this?

where is the code regarding the automated creation of contact on pos.js…
can anyone guide me how can i duplicate it in online mode and whether it will break something.

quick creation of contact while customer creation on POS is highly needed as most customers are tracked by their phone number.

Thanks in advance.

+1 - POS must be really offline with all possible dependencies.

Is there no customization possible ?
Should i create a feature request on github?
can any Frappe developer comment on this ?

if not can you point me to where the code of offline customer creation is codded , maybe i can try and replicate in online and send a PR.

Any help is appreciated.