How can I help in Arabic Language

Please advise how can I help to correct Arabic translation in ERPnext.
In ERPnext translator I could not change…

Even when you created account? Do you know about your_site_name/desk#List/Translation? Try to add some translations but it will be available only for you

Thanks SwitsoIAG for your quick reply.
Please explain more about editing translation for my site.

  1. Make in System Settings Language - Arabic
  2. Open your_site_name/desk#Form/Translation/New Translation 1
  3. Add source and translated data

If your Language Code in New Translation not ar… so use Customize Form for changing default value. Also it is possible that if you change system language to Arabic this link your_site_name/desk#Form/Translation/New Translation 1 will not work… so it is easier to use your_site_name/desk#List/Translation.

Hope it is clear.

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Thank you SwitsoIAG for help :slight_smile:


i need edit for some word in arabic… how can do this?