How Can I Host Astro Site in Frappe Cloud

recently i develop a astro site and i need to host this site in frappecloud same as vue or react site worked in frappe cloud so any ways to do that @buildwithhussain or any.



Yup, you can, but you will need to configure the build output to static pages (html) and stored in the www directly.

I have demonstrated the process in this blog: Astro Powered Web Portal in Frappe Apps

Do note the blog was for Astro v1, you might have you tweak a few things for v2.


Why would you use Frappe cloud for hosting a static website?

not static site i want to use frappe as backed and astro as a fronted.

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Hello @buildwithhussain,

I have tried this blog and it works fine in frappe cloud for static site, but when i tried this in SSR it does not work. so, any idea how can i host SSR site in frappe cloud. it possible or not ?


Since SSR will require a separate JS based server (check SSR section in astro docs, only a few adapters are present) to be run, it is not possible to host it on Frappe Cloud.