How can i implement a search field which will give whole details about a product?

I am trying to developing a new custom module in erpnext. I’ve created a DocType for capturing product details and each product has its own unique number. and now my requirement is like i want to add new DocType ,from that form i should be able to select a particular product by its serial number and when i select one product the whole details related to it should be visible in that same form.

How can i achieve this ?
Please help me to find out a better solution since i’m new to ERPNext.

As a better alternative, what you can do is,

  1. Add custom fields to the Item Doctype to record all details related to an Item
  2. Create a Custom Report with relevant details to view all the information. You can then use the filters to generate reports on desired Items/Products.

@rajeeb can you please provide screenshots of those doctype for Better solution.



This is the first DocType which used to capture Product Details. I’ve added all wanted fields there.

And this is the second DocType which i has to use for search product and all related attributes,fields and even comments against product also. and this DocType is not complete

@Manan_Shah When i select a product by it’s serial number Can i make a link to the corresponding product ?
It will also work for me for now.

You can add required fields on the “Serial No” Form and then build custom reports from Report Builder
You can then filter by Serial No to view details related to that Serial No

@Manan_Shah thanks for the help but can i have another DocType for it ? Because i want to maintain it as a separate form for searching product.

@rajeeb Yes you can have a separate DocType just make sure you make it upgrade/update friendly, so that nothing breaks when there is a patch in future

@ROHAN_JAIN1 Hi, I’m waiting for any guidance from your side.