How can I implement user ratings?

How can I implement user ratings? Each user can add just one rating to a document. Ideally, the widget only shows their own rating when the document is displayed in the Desk.

My idea is add a Rating field in the document, then add a hidden child table where it will store all the ratings from the user. The Rating field will only be visible if the user is not in the hidden child table

Hi @vianney

You should read this Field Type

Thank You!

I did. Is there anything that I missed in the Field Type page that would allow me to implement user ratings (where each user sets its own rating)?

The Rating field type doesn’t seem to do that on its own.

Thank you for your answer. I’m not sure I understand it fully though.

Are you saying that a Rating field can create/read/update individual ratings from a child table?

What I mean by “individual rating” is that each user sets its own rating, and the rating field displays the current user’s rating.