How can i import customer details with their GST details like GST number and GST State?

Hello !!!

I am facing issue while importing customer data.

What do I need?

I need just a few customer details. like Mobile, Address, Email, GST Number, GST State, Customer Name.

I can simply import Customer Mobile, email, Name but GST number and GST State is not in Customer doctype.

As the same thing, I can import GST Details from address doctype. but how to relate customer details to their address and which thing should import first? Customer details or Address ( address and GST ) details.

@Suresh_Thakor if you can help please help.

There are two options for that update existing or insert new record. Also it will give you options for 5 record for example on selection basis.

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Is it possible like we import customer data and after that, we send one mail to each customer for updating their GST details?

  1. Settings >> Email Groups >> Add Email Group

From Action >> import / add subscriber

  1. Settings >> News Letters >> Add News Letters

keep the sender as your Administrator’s email address.

Add Recipients

select your previously created Emil Group

Subject: this will become your mail subject

Message: Message for your subscriber.

Save and just beside you will see Send Now

Thats it.

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