How can I install 12.4.2 instead of 12.4.3?

I want to see if the bug I have reporting since yesterday ( Startup Wizard fails when inserting “” values ) was also present in 12.4.2.

I tried running with :   $mySettings} --version "12.4.2"

but it gives me error : error: argument --version: invalid int value: '12.4.2'

What is the correct way to do that?

You can simply download the .zip file from the releases, and after transferring the app you run bench migrate.

I’d do that if I had the need. It’s probably the shallowest clone.

Thank you for that.

Do you know where that is documented? I have some doubts…

  • in which parent directory do I unzip?

You will know :slight_smile:

Just inside the apps directory, overwriting the whole (erpnext) directory.

so replacing erpnext in