How can I install erpnext on our office computer and others can access it?

Hi, Currently we are hosting on digital ocean and we would like to migrate. Can I run the erpnext on one of our computers so every employee can access it through the network?

Hi @alkesh,

If erpnext is installed in Ubuntu on your computer, then run the

hostname -I

Display the IP address.

then copy the IP and if your erpnext-site worked on the 8000 port then apply it on the browser.



You can access the erpnext in another system using IP address.

Thank You!

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Out of curiosity, would you mind sharing why you want to migrate from cloud hosting to hosting locally ?

I am just curious


It’s just because of my boss, He doesn’t want to put the data on the cloud. I know it’s stupid, but he doesn’t listen. He doesn’t want to pay monthly and he thinks that it is not secure. :neutral_face: