How can i integrate a distributor api?

i’m trying to integrate an distributor’s api, i´m having problems to integrate multiple distributors at the same time.

I created a python document that search in the api the prices for distributor.

there is a way to integrate it to the erpnext?

You should be able to do this as an app. I’ve done something similar for octopart, which is a parts search for electrical parts. It’s called OctoERP.

are you saying i should install octoerp like a new frappe app and then install that app in my site?

thank you for help :slight_smile:

OctoERP is an example you could follow to write your own app to integrate whoever’s API you’d like. You create a frappe app and install it that way, yes. Feel free it use OctoERP if Octopart is the company you want.

a lot of thanks, have a nice day :smiley: