How can I know how much amount is left from the credit limit?

I have set a credit limit of 100000 for a customer and once I create a sales order of 50000 thousand for that customer, how can I know how much amount is left from the credit limit?

@Runway Search for Report Customer Credit Balance it will show all breakup needed

Thank You, By this in customer credit balance report only we will be able to see the credit limit set in the customer, but I want to see the selected credit limit in the customer group, how can I see it?

The credit limit shows when you have created invoices against the customer:

All outstanding and credit checks are done on the basis of an invoice.

Thank you but this will only set the credit limit given while creating the customer but how to see the limit set in the customer group?

The report should show the limit if it is set in group.

The preference given while checking the outstanding is as follows:

Customer > Customer Group.

If it is set in customer, it will take that, else checks for value set at the group level.

OK Thank You, but i want to see credit limit of more than one customer in one company which is give through customer group doctype it’s credit limit how to see?It doesn’t show up on the customer credit balance report I already saw that.

Just tested and it looks like a bug/enhancement request.

The report is not picking up the limit set in the customer group. It’s only picking up when the credit limit is set in the customer doctype.

Ok Thank you, if any solution get so after tell me.