How can I make a card (or larger link) on the desk that opens POS instantly (v12)?

I would like to try to replace a v11 site with a v12 update but I am having a problem with being able to access POS module.

In v11 the POS module is a single icon link.

In v12 you have to open “Retail” and then select POS from the drop-down list. This is very difficult on a small screen with only touch screen capability. All of the existing v11 POS installations are using WIndows10 tablets as the POS terminal and there is no keyboard and mouse connected. Without the precision selectivity of a mouse, it is very difficult to select the POS module.

In previous versions we could take almost anything and send it to the desk. I had done it for special reports and other tasks that would normally require drilling down through the text menus. I cannot find a way to do this in v12.

Am I missing something?

Or am I doomed to having to stay at v11 in order to keep everything working?


Wow, nobody with an idea for this. Maybe I a doomed to v11 forever.

I was hoping for an easy fix to this. The smaller TouchScreens are just unfriendly with v12 interface if you cannot set cards on the desk to jump to a module.

So sorry @bkm

The best I could do to make this front desk friendly is remove all the cards apart from retail

I really hope you can resolve this,Ii need someone actively using V12 in a retail environment to clear the path. The more I look at V12 the more worried I get for my vertical.


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Agreed. I originally thought the v12 desk would be an improvement over the icon interface. Now I am stuck in text menu hell and cannot even select the POS module.

Unfortunately, the human finger tip is not a very precise instrument for using touch screens. That must be why the most popular POS systems in the works have large touch spaces allocated in the screen landscape.

The text menu system is a Chinese finger trap. It looks to simple to be harmful, but still renders the finger useless.


I believe at the moment the only way to add custom cards is to modify the file in an app’s config folder as well as adding a to the same folder.

module_name is the name of whatever link aka module you’re trying to add. I’m not really sure how someone who isn’t hosting their own instance would modify the desk.

Than you for the information. I do host my own instance, but I am not a developer or programmer. I may be able to find someone to do this for me, but it really is troublesome that we have lost some usability in the this new version desk.

Has any one reading here done something like this before? Might you have a sample code snippet?