How can I put a job into scheduler to run at specific date and time

I need a way to schedule a job on specific time of given date and month, which should run only once on that particular day.

So I am trying to set this in cron_format of Scheduled Job Type. Ideally it should run on that particular date only, but regardless of given date with month it is running daily at given time.

Can anyone please let me know how to solve this issue?

Can you please show me your cron syntax?

Yes sure.

I am setting cron_format as “35 11 24 6 *”.

When I set cron as above, it is executing today at 11:35 . Which should run at 11:35 of 24 June.

It looks fine then. Please check the ‘Scheduled Job Type’ Doctype. It will have a list of scheduled jobs. In that list, check the ‘Next Execution’ field value. It will tell you the next execution time. Check these things and share the details

I am using Frappe 13.
Next Execution field is not available in Scheduled Job Type doctype as below.

Is your job listed here, and is the cron syntax the same as you set? Can you confirm and share it?

I am setting cron job like this.