How can I remove child doctype table limitation of 10 columns?

I have a child table which has around 20 columns and can only show 10 column width in form. Is there any way to remove this 10 column width and show all columns like in report view?

Hi @Harsh_Shiroya,

I don’t think but please check Its documentation.

Thank You!

I understand that the documentation does not provide specific instructions on how to remove the limitation of 10 column width. If anyone has suggestions that could help me achieve this goal, I would be grateful to try them out.

build your own child table ui using html field and render template feature of frappe.

you can even place a horizontal scroll for more columns in that ui. In place edit or custom frappe dialog for row entry can also be done in the html field.

in case you’re building ui, re-think over if it’s a child table or you can use feature of full doctype and link field.

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