How can i remove drop-down option

In leave application status option is there i want to remove cancelled option on that how can i do it’s not allowing due to standard field

@Prashanth_Kolhetkar Use Property Setter

@Lone_Wolf i tried but it’s giving error like

Edit the doctype.
Also enable the developer mode for your site.

@Prasant_Pant Thank you its working

Could you mark it as solution if it really works out for you?
Always happy to help😊 @Prashanth_Kolhetkar

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@Prasant_Pant i marked,Thanks alot

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@Prasant_Pant do you have idea on How to set landing page to emplyee?

Also visit

Use this config for change select type fields in propert setter.

FYI: If you change it from doctype directly, then in future you will not get any update from ERPNext and its not recommended. Change to from Property Setter and the use export-fixture to your custom app.