How can i reset db_password?

“db_name”: “site1.local”,
“db_password”: “************”

i can not solve it so please help,
in this file ~/frappe-bench/sites/erpnext.vm$ “site_config.json” is defined the password and the name of the database, and if a change the password i have “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR”,

I’ve changed db password. I didnt know.

Is it possible reset to password for site1.local?

Please help me~

You’ll have to get the “MariaDB Root Password” from frappe_passwords.txt file from your home directory, and then follow this tutorial to change the password for the “db_name” which is “site1.local” in this scenario.

for reset password use command

set password for ‘dbname’@‘localhost’ = PASSWORD(‘password’);
and then change in site_config.json and save

In site_config.json, i write the actual password in plain text & the encrypted one from the mysql.user table. In both cases it does not work. What is supposed to be written in site_config.json.

The password in site_config.json is plain text. But after mysql_secure_installation the user records for host were deleted. I had to recreate them and grant permission on the site databases.