How can I see what users are logged in? (v13.1.1)

Now that chat has been disabled until the dev team get around to redesigning it, how can I find what users are currently logged into the system?

In previous versions (and 13beta) I was able to go to the chat function and all logged in users were listed on the left column.

In v13.1.1 where can I go to find the same information?

(BTW… users are NOT employees, so the timesheet function is not going to help.)

I have been using the chat function for this to see if my remote users are actually logging into work.



Activity Log doctype shows this information.

Instead of scrolling through the Activity Log to find the users, maybe it is more convenient to have a (custom) field in User doctype to see the login/logout status of the user.

Can’t this be factored into the Energy point as a feature in such a way that Management can know the staff/user that works/login and possibly the number hours per day he put in.So at glance you can see all the users that login and how long.

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Activity log shows logins and logouts but not times (or more importantly dates) unless you open each record. It is also so crowded with entries it would take you an hour of manually opening records to see who was logged in if you have 25 or more users.

This is NOT a valid option!

There must be something else.


I agree with you.
How about creating a report using Report Builder with below filters

  1. Operation in Login, Logout
  2. Created on between [add date]
    And then pick columns Full name, date, operation, subject.
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This I will try.

Would hate to make my managers use this though. They are so used to the chat function, they would probably run the report and leave the results on their screen thinking it will update automatically all day like the chat did. Then I would hear a bunch of complaints that people were logged out but still listed on the screen.

Most of the managers have 2 (or more) screens at their desk and they would keep chat open on it’s own screen for conversations and a quick glance to see who is logged in.

I do jope there is a real time solution soon.


I hope so too.
Which version used to show online users in chat?
I cannot see the same on v12.

Hey @bkm

You have raised a very valid question. With chat being disabled, there is no alternative to see the users (activity log is impractical for heavy usage). I wonder how none else has raised this. Also added functionality in the GUI itself to terminate user’s sessions would be a bonus.

Did you find any solution for this? How are you managing it now?

the table tabSessions does hold all the active user sessions. Maybe some component to display it?


Command: uptime
Will show you how many users in

Nope. That shows you who is logged into your linux server. On a Frappe/ERPNext installation, there is usually only one user and the root administrator.

So what this thread is all about is to find out how many users and to determine who is logged into the ERPNext application.

When done correctly the ERPNext linux server is locked down and nobody can log into it. So, this question is ONLY about the logins to the ERPNext application.

Still looking for an answer to this.


I think @moe01325 had the right idea: create a new Report based on 'tabSessions'. I don’t know the inner workings of the login system. But I’m assuming (:face_with_diagonal_mouth:) that a background task is periodically updating Sessions. So that when each user’s login token expires, the Session status is updated…?

As for making the report refresh automatically every few seconds? There are browser extensions that can do that, such as this one.

(I do not personally use this; please don’t misinterpret as an endorsement)

Without a browser extension, web pages themselves can be taught to auto-refresh with some JS code. But now you’re talking about more than a Frappe framework report. You’d have to develop this Page from scratch, and have it read from 'tabSessions'.

Well, that sounds like my next developer investment then. This is something that many ask about, but nobody seems to have a handle on as yet.

So, I will add this on my “To Do” list of EPRNext add-ons that I need to get done at some point.

:nerd_face: BKM

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