How can I select Sales Invoice Naming series from POS?

I want to use POS as the sales tool for mobile sales reps, but I need them to be able to select their invoice naming series so we can easily tell which sales person created which invoices.

I know I can do that from the standard Sales Invoice screen, but the POS screen is easier and faster to use. The reps make less mistakes with the POS screen. So How can I get their sales invoice prefix (usually their initials) to be selected while doing those sales from the POS interface?


Create separate POS profiles and assign them respective series. Every invoice created through these profiles will ve separate series.

To do this you first have to customise the sales invoice and add all the required series in the series field options


Thank you. I have already created the different series in the sales invoice doc so they were all there and I checked the box to make user select their series each time. What I couldn’t figure out was how to select it from POS.

Your solution is the right way though. I had not even considered the series might be in the POS profile. It was one of those fields I hadn’t noticed when I setup the profiles last week.

Thanks!!! :grin: