How can I sell a variable quantity Item? (like filtered water)

Okay, I have stumbled into a condition that I have never encountered before. My shop needs to be able to sell filtered water out of a tap!

  • The water is not in a container, the customer provides the container
  • It would be sold by the gallon (gallon unit of measure)
  • Alternately I would like to create a “bundle” of the water item and one of my 5 gallon buckets. But the customer would not necessarily fill the bucket to a full 5 gal. They may only want 3 gallons when they purchase the bundle.

Can anyone give me a way to make this work?

  • I have no idea how to setup an item to be sold in random quantities (gallons)
  • I have no ideal how I could build a bundle of the bucket and however many gallons the customer decides to put in it for the purchase.

Is there anyone with experience that might be close to this type of case?

I would really appreciate a hint about where to start with this.

Thanks ~BKM

You can create item that is water and create sales order/invoice as needed. Go to Item and choose UOM as Gallons or Litre.

Yeah, Thank you!

That part makes perfect sense. The part that has me stumped is how to include the filtered and de-ionized water in a bundle that includes the special sterilized carboy (I called it a 5gal bucket) and still be able to use different amounts of the filtered water in the bundle.

You see I wanted to do that so that I can have a special price on the carboy if you also get the water (even if not a full 5gal). Once I get them started using the filtered DI water in their experiments having them use the special carboy I provide removes much of the risk for fouling the water. So I want to create bundle that encourages them to use the correct container.

Is it possible to setup a bundle like this?


My idea:

  • Create Water item with Gallon or Litre UOM.
  • Create Container / Bucket item.
  • Create bundle for Water and Container.
  • Make price rule, when necessary, to calculate discount for the product bundle.

When selling:

  • Sell the Water by fill in the qty depends on the amount purchased.
  • Include 1 Container in the item sold.

Alternative if not using price rule:

  • Create more Container with own price (e.g. Full Price Container, 25% Disc.Container, etc)
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Okay, that makes more sense. I have never played with price rules, but I have a sandbox system I can use to get it figured out.

Thanks everyone!


Our you can create multiple bundles for fractional waters…1 gallon bundle, 2 gallon bundle…up to max…each product bundle will have one carboy and quantity…you can give price accordingly…much simpler setup.