How can i send a doctype to a person

here when i link an employee to service assigned to that employe should get the permission to access the document
How can i set that

@amal_31845 share it with the specific user

Is that possible to automatically send to a employee who i set in the ‘Service Assigned To’ field @bahaou

@amal_31845 you can use sever scripts to automatically share documents with users

def on_submit(self):
    # Assuming `self` is an instance of a document
    if self.custom_service_assigned_to:
        # Iterate over each employee listed in custom_service_assigned_to
        for employee in self.custom_service_assigned_to:
            # Share the document with the employee
                flags={"ignore_share_permission": True}

@amal_31845 almost there , you need to get the user_id from the employee and use it instead of the employee

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