How can I send a video through email attachement in ERPNext?

I’ve created a custom doctype and added an attach field. In this filed I’m attaching small videos which are related to a customer. Now, I want to send this video to the customer through an email attachment but unable to send.
Is these any setting change I need to do send video as an email attachment in erpnext?

First go to your custom doctype, then click the attachment button and then select the video for 10mb of size, or you can send through the URL link of the video clip, then click on the 3dots in the doctype of the right corner then select the email and then click the check box of the attachments after this step, the email sent successfully for the customer with the attachment video.

@Yogeshwaran Thank you for the solution. Actually, I was doing all these things which you’ve mentioned but the problem was video size. I’ve created multiple attach buttons in a single doctype to capture weekly progress report and I’ve added multiple videos there. I’ve sent an email with only one attached video and it is working properly.

I one attachment button you can able add a multiple attachment of files or videos.