How can I share my custom app

I want others to access my app, how can deploy it for free so it can be accessible with commands or something, I’m a newbie hope you can help

Publish your custom app on Frappe Marketplace

I can’t afford to pay for its deployment can you suggest some free ways to make custom app accessible for others

@imo upload your app to public github and share the link wherever you want .

but then they will need to configure it let say someone already has their ERPNext app with frappe and wanted to add someone app without ruining anything they worked on would a GitHub repository be efficient?

@imo it’s just one simple command to install it via the github link . so I think yes

would you please explain more I don’t think I’m following

@imo you can upload your custom app to github . same as everyone , for example this app is provided by frappe in a form of github repo . anyone can install these apps for free using the command (bench get-app link). the app will be added to their website without ruining anything .

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