How can I show the tasks on a project when printing?

Project tasks do not show on the print preview of a project. On creating a print format, I dont see the field for task to drag onto the builder. How can I add the tasks related to a project in a table on the project’s print preview?

Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated


Will this work for you?
It is currently a workaround, the columns are however Customisable.

Filtering tasks first then printing? Could work but not very practical. How do I access the tasks related to the project? Maybe I can use Jinja to loop over the list and format as desired. Is it something thats possible?

This is basically me using Report Builder on Task with Project Filter applied, you can apply more filters if required, it will reflect on the top under Project and Status.

Yep. If you’re willing to use a Jinja template, pretty much anything is possible.

HI @peterg. Thanks for the reply. Can you point me to something I can read to get started?

If you’re looking for a general intro to Jinja, I can’t recommend one but googling “Jinja tutorial” turns up a lot of options. For Frappe specific parts, it’s just a matter of knowing which parts of the API to call: Jinja API

I meant how/where to put my Jinja written template in ERPNext?

In your print format, if you go into Edit Properties and then check “Custom Format”, you’ll be given a space to input either Jinja or JS template instructions.

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